Yesterday, in order to improve the moral knowledge of employees, a roundtable discussion was held at the open joint-stock commercial bank "Mikrokreditbank" on the topic "High spirituality - formed in a strong family". 

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences A. Akramov, an employee of the Tashkent branch of the Republican Spirituality Promotion Center, took part in the event with his lecture. 

As the speaker spoke about the groups that mainly promote spiritual baseness under the guise of democracy in different regions of the world in today's globalization period and their influence on the education of the young generation, it is clear that none of us should be careless in this regard. He said that he could.

Because the future development of our country is determined by our youth today. Bank employees also spoke at the event and spoke about the measures implemented in the system in the same direction. 

Also, in the roundtable discussion, detailed answers were given to the questions of the young employees on the topic.