On October 19, 2020, one of the leading international rating companies, Fitch Ratings, confirmed the credit rating of Microcreditbank at “BB”- and assessed its prospects as “Stable”.

This level reflects the stability of the main indicators of the bank, in particular, the high creditworthiness and reliability of its customers and partners.

In determining the bank's rating, Fitch Ratings conducted in-depth research and analysis of its annual financial performance, especially its future lending potential.

It should be noted that the large-scale activities of Microcreditbank in the field of lending. Bank investments play an important role in financing ranging from large sectors of the economy to small businesses. In particular, due to investments of JSCB "Microcreditbank" several dozen projects in the real sector of the economy, such as rabbit breeding, handicraft and agriculture, are being timely implemented. This international rating, provided by the leading rating company, testifies to the efficiency of the activity of JSCB "Microcreditbank" and the full performance of its functions.