JSCB Mikrokreditbank raised funds of the Asian Development Bank in the amount of 10.0 million US dollars as part of the project “Development of the value chain in the livestock sector”.

According to the project, the bank will provide loans in national currency for the import of pedigree cattle, sheep, bees, rabbits, poultry farming for entrepreneurs and improving the infrastructure of enterprises working in the field of livestock, improving and increasing the production of feed crops, improving breeding by artificial insemination, processing livestock products and other alternative business activity.

For reference: Founded in 2006, Microcreditbank is one of the banks with state participation. Microcreditbank serves SMEs, corporate clients and individuals, as well as provides other types of financial services. The head office of the bank is located in Tashkent. The bank's branch network includes more than 153 points of sale, which cover all regions of the country. The Bank takes an active part in implementing social programs and supporting SMEs, women entrepreneurs and the poor. With a registered capital of $ 171.7 million (state share of 97.8%), the bank ranks 7th in terms of capital among banks. Assets amount to about 553.5 million US dollars. The bank has an international rating “BB-”; Outlook “Stable” from Fitch Ratings.