Implemented the transfer of money in the national currency through the branches of Microcreditbank throughout Uzbekistan.

The minimum and maximum amount of money transfer is not limited. The transfer is carried out in cash. A service fee of 0.5% is charged on the transfer amount.

With this transfer, the client can send and receive funds from any branch of the bank.

Conditions for sending money:

  • Contact any branch of the bank;
  • Provide identification documents;
  • The minimum transfer amount is not limited;
  • Funds are transferred in cash;
  • recipient data full name and the phone number are provided to the bank employee (a 10-digit SMS will be sent to the phone numbers of the sender and recipient);

Conditions for receiving a transfer:

  • contact any branch of the bank;
  • identification documents are provided;
  • the bank employee is informed of 10 digits and the amount of the transfer (an SMS is sent to the sender about the receipt of funds).

Using the reliable services of Microcreditbank, make money transfers in the national currency throughout Uzbekistan!