Zolotaya Korona – KoronaPay – a service providing instant money transfers without opening a bank account with more than 50 ths service locations throughout Russia, countries of near and far abroad. More than 550 banks participate in the service at the moment.

KoronaPay Service is marked by:

  • Speed – a money transfer may be received in a few minutes after it was sent;
  • Convenience – it is enough to specify a country and a city of transfer receipt. A Beneficiary can choose the most convenient transfer payout location;
  • Control – it is possible to check out the transfer status online 24/7 at the service website;
  • Availability – more than 15,000 payout locations in the countries of far abroad.

As of June 10, 2015, a Special Tariff 0% for transfers in foreign currency is applied upon sending transfers from banks in the territory of Russia and the countries of near abroad.

How to make a transfer:

To send a money transfer you should have an identification document and money with you. You will also need to specify a full name of a beneficiary, a country and a city where a money transfer will be paid out. It is not necessary to provide an exact beneficiary’s address – you can specify only a city. Your beneficiary will select the most convenient agent location and currency to receive the money transfer.

To receive a money transfer, you should:

  • have an ID with you.
  • say a money transfer number to an operator.
  • say a money transfer amount and currency in which you would like to receive a transfer.

Money transfers sent via KoronaPay service are available at any location in the selected city. To check the nearest service locations, please, visit the website of KoronaPay: www.koronapay.com.

For more details on KoronaPay service visit our website https://koronapay.com or call our support service at + 7 (495) 96-00-555 (call rates depend on the rules of communication service provider).

Money transfer operator – Credit Union “Payment Center” (Ltd.), CBR License No. 3166-К as of April 14, 2014. Full list of companies providing money transfer service via KoronaPay is available at koronapay.com