MoneyGram - is an international money transfer system. MoneyGram company transfers money worldwide without opening a current account and unites more than 227,000 customer service points in 190 countries. This is the second money transfer system in the world in terms of country coverage and the number of MoneyGram service points. It is a quick and easy money transfer service that is always available.

The following banks operate in Uzbekistan with the advantages of MoneyGram: Ipak Yuli Bank, Kapitalbank, Hamkorbank, Invest Finance Bank, Turonbank, Qishloq Qurilish Bank, Hi-Tech Bank.

Since 2004, the owners of MoneyGram have been Viad Corp. and Travelers Express Company Inc. Today MoneyGram is an independent American company, whose shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In Europe, MoneyGram partners are financial institutions such as the Royal Mail of Great Britain and Norway, Italian Post, Bank of Ireland, Banco Popular Espanol, Kocbank, Finansbank and many others.

In the CIS countries, the MoneyGram money transfer system has been operating since 1996 and today it has over 7000 service points, covering almost all the republics: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

A Manigram - is the name of the translation itself, the first Manigram was sent back in 1940 in Minneapolis (USA). MoneyGram Company itself operates around the clock and all 7 days of the week, so the time for transferring money is only 10 minutes. But when sending a manigram, one must always remember that the speed of translation almost always makes its own adjustments, both the difference in time zones in different countries of the world and on different continents, as well as the opening hours of MoneyGram's offices, branches of partners and banks. The Manigram can be accompanied by a free text message for the recipient up to 10 words in size. For the recipient, such a message is also free.

MoneyGram money transfer service is provided only to individuals. MoneyGram transfers can be used by both bank customers and people who do not have bank accounts. There are situations in which MoneyGram services are especially necessary:

  • when a person works abroad and regularly sends money to his family;
  • when it is necessary to pay for study and accommodation, if your children study abroad or spend their holidays there;
  • when it is urgent to provide financial assistance to relatives, friends, employees who are in another country;
  • to tourists in case of emergency;
  • businessmen, if necessary, quick transfer of money to their employees.

The transfer amount is paid immediately, at the request of the client in any currency convenient for him, - in cash in US dollars, Euro, local currency, depending on the country of receiving the transfer. When sending a transfer in one currency, and receiving it in another, the currency is converted at the current selling rate of the given point of issue. It should be borne in mind that if there are several banks working with MoneyGram in your settlement, and you will convert the received currency, then before receiving, check the exchange rates of several points - they may differ.